Data Types and Content Types#

Proofscape is a system for representing, discussing, diagramming, and expanding upon mathematical proofs, as well as making direct links into the literature in which these proofs appear. Accordingly, it provides a way to define various Data Types that support these activities, and organize these data types into a library.

When you Build a proofscape project, you turn the various data types into content that can be browsed in PISE, the Proofscape Integrated Study Environment. Specifically, PISE helps you use three interconnected Content Types to enrich your study of mathematics.

Data Types#

These are things you define, in Proofscape source files.

Content Types#

These are things you view in PISE, after building Proofscape source files.

  • Charts (combined maps of deductions)

  • Notes (annotation and Sphinx pages)

  • Docs (archival documents)